Queen City Sounds and Art Review

Queen City Sounds and Art review

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Queen City Sounds and Art review

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"The song doesn’t get stuck in a dynamic rut and evolves in interesting directions like you’re being lead through a night time urban landscape in the pre-dawn dark to one of the only remaining underground clubs where the music isn’t dictated or shaped by an algorithm and where you can be around like-minded connoisseurs of authentic underground culture."

— Queen City Sounds and Art

"Frederick Frantz, the head behind the project creates a unique feeling in his music, even better he takes you on a musical journey into the 80s. The sound has a lot to offer with its own charm. Clear, flowing retro-synth that mixes with minimal arrangements and harmonizes perfectly with the vocals. In "Cold Comfort" he is also supported by Aika Zabala, who takes over the feminine part in the piece. The song is bleak in its own way, and the bleakness of a failed relationship the song describes is felt on every corner." 

— Dark Life Experience